We love building companies. We’re looking for strong teams with interesting ideas who have the vision, skills, and commitment to take their company into the future. We’ve spent years helping early-stage projects succeed (and sometimes fail), and we know the value of an idea is zilch without the right team to bring it to life. readmore…


Angel Fund: Anthology incubates micro-angels as well as startups, so the investment learning curve is smoother and faster than diving in on your own. Our shareholders have constant access to promising startups without the dilution that comes with a fund, and the chance to help build our companies from the ground up. readmore…


Anthology joins your team as a partner, in exchange for a small equity stake. We work with you to build your business – actively helping wherever is needed. Typically, this means daily involvement with all sorts of issues, including strategy, marketing, finance, IP and patenting, management, and investment readiness to name a few. readmore…

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