A successful bootcamp is completed for Vitalise Project

With more than 30 Researchers and LL members from more than 15 European countries, the 2nd edition of the VITALISE H2020 Project Summer School & Bootcamp  has just ended last Friday. Anthology Ventures was responsible for running the bootcamp hosted in Gaia, Bilbao. We are grateful for the participation and the insightful engagement of all who made that possible

During the 1st day of the Bootcamp Real-world Commercialization successes and challenges along with design thinking exercises were presented by Adriane Thrash along with revenue models where participants were asked to identify revenue streams. High-light of the day was the the case of AAL Programme Official “ReMember Me” Project as an example of scaling up from a R&D project to a real business, presented by Mrs. Idoia Muñoz (Gaia, Basque Health Cluster
In the 2nd day Argryios Spyridis kicked off the day, with a presentation- discussion on commercialisation potential followed by challenges in funding cycles by Adriane Thrash and a follow-on by Argyris on leveraging Intellectual property and ways to leverage it.
As a highlight of that day, Mr. Eduard Guerrero Aiguabella, from Loop Dx who presented Loop Dx as a captivating Startup Commercialisation case study. 🎉 Loopdx’s groundbreaking diagnostic test, Septiloop, revolutionizes the early detection of sepsis, enabling rapid treatment and significantly reducing mortality rates.
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