Angel Investors and Micro-funding

Anthology’s structure is designed to support early-stage Angels as well as startups, so we have a mechanism that helps them be the ‘first money in.’ Startups build close relationships with our angels, and you can negotiate directly to find the perfect investment path when the time is right.

Our investors know that initial funding is a key metric for early-stage teams, a vote of confidence that can open doors to further funding. It’s also a chance for angels to maximize their capital, without the typical dilution of a large network or fund. Our curated portfolio leverages investment muscle as much as possible to increase success rates, leading to faster deal-flow, better IRR and spread of risk, and lower dilution.

Anthology sends monthly team reports and newsletters about our startups to a wide international network of investors, companies, and organizations. As the funding cycle moves forward, we encourage follow-on raises via syndicate rounds with other Angels and Funds.

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