Anthology Ventures Clinic in Energy, Climate and Mobility

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The Clinic is an intense 60-day program that tests our chemistry and ability to work together. Think of it as a personalized mini-accelerator. First, we identify 1-2 key addressable issues that can be tackled within a short time span – 60 days. And we help you get them done as we also test our chemistry. Although we expect (and offer) complete dedication to your project, this is a trial period and there is no obligation – financial or otherwise – to continue. Successful completion of the program may lead to PoC in conjunction with the Sponsors’ business focus and priorities. However, that outcome is depended on each individual sponsor

Batch 4 of Anthology Ventures’ Clinic will focus this time on the Climate, Energy, and Mobility Sectors. The consequences of climate change represent a fundamental threat to humanity, and this clinic aims to benefit clean technology founders and researchers who are working to reduce CO2 emissions and increase efficiency in the energy and mobility sectors.

We are looking for teams with solutions for climate change, and/or improving the competitiveness of the building, energy, and transport industries and the quality of the services that these sectors bring to society. Solutions should focus on making energy and mobility systems climate- and environmentally-friendly, smarter, safer, more resilient, inclusive, competitive, and efficient.

Indicative solutions could address:

  • Climate Change/Collapse challenges & remediation
  • Energy systems and grids
  • Sustainable communities and cities
  • Smart mobility & transport: Clean, safe, competitive, and accessible
  • Energy supply and storage
  • The built environment in energy transition: commercial, residential, and industrial

Technological solutions can vary either with state of the art energy generation, decarbonization technologies, monitoring and controlling of systems utilizing ICT/IoT industry applications, or solutions that combine the offering of energy and non-energy services i.e. energy management, user comfort, waste and water management.

We support the start-up process from invention to demonstration, assisting in identifying opportunities in EU programs (i.e. Horizon Europe, InvestEU, SME Instrument, etc) for financing research and development and demonstration costs, to deployment and commercialization (financing the new venture with start-up capital), and growth of the business (with VC capital).

You can expect engagement on a range of things that may include:

  • Challenge of your business and entrepreneurial approach
  • Exploration of the tactics to deploy the product/services
  • Alignment of tasks until they follow the first-things-first approach
  • Semi- due diligence on:
  • Business potential and possibilities
  • Direct and indirect competition
  • Financial aspects
  • Present Human Capital
  • IP rights and patentability
  • Preliminary Assessment of Funding and Financing Options
  • Funding or premature financing recommendations
  • Encouragement to deploy unnecessary inventions/solutions
  • Promises to make you a unicorn


Various collaborations with Universities, SMEs, Startups, and Research centers, regarding new Business, new Services, new Products, PoCs, and application of Open Innovation procedures in the Energy domain, by mobilizing our internal upcoming AI Factory (Quora): – Target model and DERs – Storage (Grid and Behind the meter) – AI and ML applications – Flexibility Market – Smart Cities – Blockchain P2P – Energy Communities – Energy Platform economy (SaaS) – EV platforms and eco-mobility (SaaS) – Digitalization and App ecosystems



Adriane Thrash

“simple does not always mean easy”

Argyris Spyridis

“staying still is not an option”

Vivi Giourka

“don’t just design it, get it done”


MYTILINEOS is a leading global industrial and energy company with a strong presence in all five continents. The company operates four Business Units, the Power & Gas BU, the Metallurgy BU, the Renewables & Storage Development BU and the Sustainable Engineering Solutions BU. In 2019, revenues exceeded $2.2 billion. The company’s workforce is more than 3,600 direct and indirect employees. MYTILINEOS with its activity generates added value of €1.06 bn., equal to 0.6% of the country’s total GDP. The company, that started as a family business in 1908 as a metal trading business and became a corporate entity in 1990. Established In 1995, the company was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, while today is a constituent of the FTSE LARGE CAP Index. In 2017, MYTILINEOS combined its subsidiaries Aluminum of Greece, METKA and Protergia, into a new single business entity, enhancing operational flexibility and further boosting its purchasing and financing capacity. 

With the corporate transformation of 2020, MYTILINEOS established a new business unit the International Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit, while transformed the EPC BU – METKA into a new, modern and innovative Business Unit; the Sustainable Engineering Solutions BU (SES BU), The company’s focus on sustainability is strengthened by the subsidiaries EPALME, which is the largest independent producer of recycled aluminum (secondary) and Zeologic, a startup specialized in the provision of innovative solutions in the field of liquid and solid waste management. MYTILINEOS pursues its development through its business model, responding to the global challenges of Sustainable Development. The company’s path to sustainability is characterized mainly by its conscious commitment to responsible entrepreneurship and the alignment of its strategic priorities with the Global Sustainable Development Goals, as well as by its leading role in the evolving national energy transformation and decarbonization.

CERTH The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) was founded in 2000, and is one of the leading research centers in Greece and listed among the TOP-20 E.U. research institutions with the highest participation in competitive research grants. It supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) of the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments.

CERTH/ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics, and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects.  The Information Technologies Institute (ITI) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Development, with its head office located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2000 it is a founding member of CERTH. ITI is active in a large number of application sectors (energy, buildings and construction, health, manufacturing, robotics, (cyber)security, transport, smart cities, space, agri-food, marine, and blue growth, water, etc.) and technology areas such as data and visual analytics, data mining, machine, and deep learning, virtual and augmented reality, image processing, computer and cognitive vision, human-computer interaction, IoT and communication technologies, navigation technologies, cloud and computing technologies, distributed ledger technologies (blockchain), (semantic) interoperability, system integration, mobile and web applications, hardware design and development, smart grid technologies and solutions and social media analysis. In 2016, ITI introduced the “nZEB Smart Home Digital Innovation Hub”. Like the first Smart near-Zero Energy Building in Greece, it combines enhanced construction materials and intelligent ICT solutions creating a future-proof, sustainable and active testing, validating, and evaluating ecosystem. A variety of sensors, actuators, and devices is installed and being applied in both R&D and commercial contracts, to explore various innovating smart IoT-based technologies in the fields of Energy, Health, Security, Big Data, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. It aims to become a cornerstone Digital Innovation Hub for R&D and commercialization of cutting-edge solutions in line with the National and European digitization objectives. With a constantly expanding state-of-the-art demonstration infrastructure, it strives to mature into a “go-to” one-stop-shop for innovative companies; transforming them into competitive actors that will lead the market landscape to a new digital future. In 2018, the nZEB Smart Home DIH in close cooperation with the Greek DSO, became the first grid-connected microgrid in Greece, and It is able to support business scenarios and use cases that are at the heart of technological developments.

PATENT MIND NETHRLANDS: PatentMind Netherlands is the brainchild of Yannis Skoulikaris, an IP professional with over 30 years of experience in the patenting business. As a former Director Patent Granting Process with the European Patent Office (EPO), Yannis has co-drafted the EPO guidelines for examination in software and artificial intelligence technology. LawMind Law Office, a strategic partner of, looks after the legal and procedural aspects and provides representation in front of the EPO. PatentMind Netherlands has also a network of cooperating entities, securing the IP aspects of our clients’ international operations. Its partners, Anthology Management and Anthology Ventures support IP-related issues with established commercial entities and start-ups/spin-offs respectively. Anthology Management supports IP activities in consulting, training, and asset valuation. Anthology Ventures looks after start-ups and/or spin-offs during their initial steps. They also provide support and advice for actuarial and/or fiscal matters. PatentMind Netherlands, LawMind, Anthology Management, and Anthology Ventures, acting in synergy, cover the full spectrum of your IP assets. We value close communication with our clients, we focus on our clients’ business objectives, and we make sure we are available exactly when our advice, guidance, and presence are needed. The patentMind Netherlands is a legal entity under Dutch law, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, the Netherlands, under KvK number 76780570. . PatentMind Netherlands will be mentoring participants on IP appropriateness and IP procedures on a general, introductory level. After getting acquainted with the team and the tech, we will be explaining the basics of patenting and assessing whether the tech developed could be protected with a patent. If the tech is implemented mainly in software (which is a very particular case from an Intellectual Property point of view), we will be explaining the protection requirements in different jurisdictions (Europe, USA, Asia) and the basic procedural steps toward applying and later extending the geographic region where the tech will be protected. On top of that, PatentMind Netherlands will select one startup from the Clinic whose tech is mainly implemented in software and is assessed, at least in principle, to be eligible for patenting and mature to apply for a patent according to European standards. For the selected startup PantentMind will offer an in-kind award of up to 10K euros value. The award will be the professional support in drafting (but not filing) the initial patent application. PatentMind Netherlands will be more than happy to sign an NDA with participants if they deem it appropriate in order to feel comfortable when discussing technical details.

Alexander Innovation Zone (ΑΙΖ), is the managing body that organizes and promotes the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone, a unique project in Greece, intending to the attraction and establishment of innovative enterprises and research units in Thessaloniki, thus contributing to the economic development of the region. AIZ participates actively in the 4th generation Science and Technology Park Thess INTEC for the collaboration of research teams with industrial and business partners from Greece and abroad, aiming at the creation of cutting-edge innovative products and services.  ΑΙΖ, among other projects, is going to run a new innovation hub to support young entrepreneurship in the 4-level building in the historic center of Thessaloniki that forms a unique experience at the level of collaboration, through alternative and innovative workspace environments.  Our flagship initiative “Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination” is already undergoing and be supported by all local stakeholders from academia, businesses, and local authorities. Thessaloniki, one of the youngest cities in Europe, enjoys a vibrant ecosystem of people and resources, highly receptive to international cooperation. Our purpose is to place Thessaloniki in the global marketplace as an ideal place to invest, innovate and live.