Applying to Anthology

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    Submit your proposal

    Submit your proposal, including an Executive Summary, pitch deck, financials, and any other supporting materials you think we should see and hear.

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    We evaluate your potential based upon what you’ve sent us, and then we’ll schedule a call to meet your team in person. Geography is not a barrier – thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can work with you remotely, it just takes a bit more discipline and good grip on time zones.

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    If we think you’re a good match, we’ll make an offer that includes our estimation of your needs and the equity stake we propose (between 4-8%). Dry-run: In some cases we’ll recommend a one month trial period (non-binding) for us to work together and evaluate each other. If either decides it’s not a good fit, we shake hands and part ways happy.

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    Digital Residence

    Teams are typically with us for up to 24 months, depending upon their needs and the degree of development they begin with. Many of our teams work with us in person, others remotely, depending on location.

Once we begin, the first step is developing a detailed support plan. This will outline specific areas and actions to pursue with you, along with key metrics to evaluate things as we go. Anthology advisors become part of your team, actively helping where needed. If we don’t know the answer to something, we’ll find someone who does. We have a wide network, including our investors, whose experience and expertise are available to Anthology teams.