Confluence Challenge: A best practice for Triple Helix

And after two months of rigorous work, the Open Innovation program ‘Confluence Challenge’ came to an end. Through an undoubtedly successful design, organization, and implementation as mentioned by third parties, 18 finalist research projects and startups presented their proposals. These aimed to address specific operational challenges faced by the companies ALUMIL, ISOMAT, and KLEEMANN. All challenges were of high or deep tech level and demonstrated proven competences and opportunities when R & D is outsourced to discover advanced and effective off-the-shelf solutions. The Confluence Program as a real life example of the Triple Helix, exceeded its goals as more than half of the finalists received LOIs or MOUs on behalf of the Corporates to continue working together towards the TRL advancement and commercialization of the proposed solutions.  All the Anthology Ventures staff as part of this demanding consortium project along with Atlantis ConsultingIdeas ForwardArchitecture Aluminium Academy and I4by Design, we are happy and humbly proud to have contributed to its broader goals.

The final 6 startups of the Growth Program are announced

Ventures Thrive announced the final six exceptional startups of the EU-funded Programme for Sustainable Innovation!
The selected startups stood out from the remarkable contenders at Wolves Summit 2023, showcasing an unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions that drive positive change. The finalists are AvrioVCG.AISeaSoilBluana FoodsWindTak, and Green0meter Studio!

In the next few months, the selected startups will engage in a comprehensive six-month Growth Programme with workshops, mentoring, coaching to enhance their investment readiness and collaborate with partnering corporates

Stay tuned…

A successful bootcamp is completed for Vitalise Project

With more than 30 Researchers and LL members from more than 15 European countries, the 2nd edition of the VITALISE H2020 Project Summer School & Bootcamp  has just ended last Friday. Anthology Ventures was responsible for running the bootcamp hosted in Gaia, Bilbao. We are grateful for the participation and the insightful engagement of all who made that possible

During the 1st day of the Bootcamp Real-world Commercialization successes and challenges along with design thinking exercises were presented by Adriane Thrash along with revenue models where participants were asked to identify revenue streams. High-light of the day was the the case of AAL Programme Official “ReMember Me” Project as an example of scaling up from a R&D project to a real business, presented by Mrs. Idoia Muñoz (Gaia, Basque Health Cluster
In the 2nd day Argryios Spyridis kicked off the day, with a presentation- discussion on commercialisation potential followed by challenges in funding cycles by Adriane Thrash and a follow-on by Argyris on leveraging Intellectual property and ways to leverage it.
As a highlight of that day, Mr. Eduard Guerrero Aiguabella, from Loop Dx who presented Loop Dx as a captivating Startup Commercialisation case study. 🎉 Loopdx’s groundbreaking diagnostic test, Septiloop, revolutionizes the early detection of sepsis, enabling rapid treatment and significantly reducing mortality rates.

Ventures Thrive organizes “Selection Day” to select 12 startups for Ventures Thrive Growth Program.

Ventures Thrive one of the first pan-European venture builders that helps deep-tech startups scale their development and funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a €1,500,000 to invest in up to 32 deeptech startups is organizing its “Selection Day” during the Wolves Summit between May 23-25th in Wrocław, Poland.

During the special Demo-Day like plug-in event 12 startups of the 1st Cohort will pitch before the experienced judges from corporates and investing entities, for their chance to win a place in the Ventures Thrive Growth Program. Based on results derived from their presentation and submitted KPI’s, the winners can continue with receiving equity free funding, masterclasses and mentoring based on their progress.

Participating startups pursue the solving of problems in a series of Challenge Areas namely: Agri-Culture and Waste, Smart City, Sustainable Finance, Energy and Marine sectors.

New Venture Builder set to invest €1.5M equity-free to address funding shortages and growth difficulties among deeptech startups in CEE

The European Innovation Council Summit, Wolves Summit, Acceler8, and Anthology Ventures announce the launch of Ventures Thrive – a new pan-European venture-building studio to accelerate deeptech startups with equity-free funding and a curated growth programme. The initiative is funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) and is set to address funding shortages and growth difficulties among deeptech startups in CEE.  Over the course of two years, Ventures Thrive will invest a cumulative €1.5M in 32 selected deeptech startups from Central Eastern Europe and widening countries (such as Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, etc).  core element of the programme is matching selected ventures with key challenges defined by our programme partners with the ultimate goal of increasing the chances of commercialization. Ventures Thrive was designed for growth-stage (TRL Level 6 and beyond) businesses from CEE and widening countries that employ deeptech technologies (blockchain/DLT, AI/ML, nanotech, etc.). The 8-month programme will accept applications from both privately and publicly funded ventures including portfolio companies of the EIC accelerator or other deep tech related programmes like Eurostars, HEurope, Digital Europe Programme, or MS programmes. Startups are invited to submit their interest at


 The applications will open in January 2023. 

The 2nd Open Call for Transnational Access to the Living Labs of the VITALISE Project is now on!

More than forty (40) researchers can get free Transnational Access to the Research Infrastructures of the VITALISE Project from May 2023 on by submitting their applications by January 8th, 2023! All academic, industrial, and government researchers, master students, entrepreneurs, and Living Lab Practitioners can claim free access to our Living Labs to conduct their research studies for free. The selected applicants will also receive a daily allowance and financial reimbursement for their travel expenses.

Here is what you need to know:

Apply for Transnational Access to the Research Infrastructures of VITALISE Project

VITALISE project grants free Transnational Access to external researchers from multiple disciplines to the project’s Livings Lab Research Infrastructures. The external researchers approved for Transnational Access will have the opportunity to conduct research studies in the available infrastructures and be granted Virtual Access to datasets collected during the Joint Research Activities of the project for further analysis. The Joint Research Activities (JRAs) bring together researchers from different Living Labs in collaborative projects for three different domains in Living Lab Health and Wellbeing research, i.e.: (i) Rehabilitation, (ii) Transitional care and (iii) Everyday living environments. The provision of Transnational Access will be implemented through three (3) Open Calls that will be conducted in the following months: (i) March 2022, (ii) December 2022 and (iii) May 2023. For More information visit the Vitalise website.


The Health and Wellbeing research community has been heavily investing in establishing Living Labs for supporting research and engaging users in a co-creation logic. Trust, however, remains an important challenge between researchers and local communities for facilitating evaluation and exploitation of research results. Many project-oriented Living Labs serve specific research purposes and have a lifecycle similar to a projects’ duration, leading to higher costs, non-optimal use of resources, time and expertise, and limited exploitation of research results from local communities.

VITALISE is a European-funded H2020 project coordinated by the European Network of Living Labs. aiming to harmonize Living Lab procedures and open Living Lab Infrastructures as a means to facilitate and promote research activities in the Health and Wellbeing domain in Europe and beyond. Transnational access to 17 Living Lab research infrastructures and remote digital access to datasets (Virtual Access) will be offered to external researchers from all disciplines through three open calls starting in 2022. External researchers will have the opportunity to conduct part of their study in rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday life activities or any other domain by visiting the VITALISE living labs. VITALISE enhances interaction between multidisciplinary researchers through Joint Research Activities, transnational physical and virtual Access.

Anthology Ventures role in the project is to boost commercialization potential of research conducted in Livings Labs, embedding a strategic business thinking approach right from start of the research design, along with equipping researchers with entrepreneurial skills and competences.