Studio Teams

SaaS for the biobanking industry – collects, harmonizes & optimizes all sources of biosample data

Passive-learning and vocabulary-builder for 34 foreign languages

Novel biomarker & disposable kit for early detection & diagnosis of Sepsis

Car-sharing by using the idle stock from rental car companies, producing new revenue streams and better mobility solutions for companies and consumers

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Adwork’s system simplifies and modernizes advertising production in film, video, and virtual-based media using patented semantics recognition and object description algorithms


Real-time information & availability of assisted living and nursing homes – without intermediaries

Telemedicine PaaS for providers – diagnoses and optimizes hearing aids & hearing implants

Fully-automated, modular, robots for commercial cleaning & disinfection

Decentralized news platform that ensures authenticity of content provided by citizen-creators using blockchain and c2pa standard in a combat against misinformation and fake news.

A new virtual tourism and education platform that connects explorers around the world, providing authentic and engaging experiences through pre-recorded or live, interactive audio-visual tours.

The ultimate parking app designed to replace parking safari with parking dates.

Contiguous prediction of adverse hemodynamic events using AI and enabling proactive care at the bedside.