Anthology Ventures is a venture-builder. We join your team as a co-founder with a small equity stake, typically 4-6%, and our roles in the team are customized to meet your particular needs. (Anthology teams are also eligible for direct investment at any time from our Angels.)

We are small on purpose – we focus on providing the best support to a select group of teams, adding up to seven new projects each year. We turn ideas into initial traction, and grow your company to market- and investment-readiness. Because we are a virtual studio, much of our contact will be remote/online – hourly, daily, and weekly, you can read more here. We have more than six years experience supporting teams at distance, and we know the benefits and limitations associated with technology-enabled relationships. Fortunately, we also have a good grip on time zones. We have worked with teams from North, Central and Southern Europe, the Balkans, and Africa.

When you join Anthology, you become part of a dedicated community of people. We may not sit in the same room, but we are always willing to share our ideas, resources, and time with each other – we believe this is the way that everyone moves forward.

How to apply