The Health and Wellbeing research community has been heavily investing in establishing Living Labs for supporting research and engaging users in a co-creation logic. Trust, however, remains an important challenge between researchers and local communities for facilitating evaluation and exploitation of research results. Many project-oriented Living Labs serve specific research purposes and have a lifecycle similar to a projects’ duration, leading to higher costs, non-optimal use of resources, time and expertise, and limited exploitation of research results from local communities.

VITALISE is a European-funded H2020 project coordinated by the European Network of Living Labs. aiming to harmonize Living Lab procedures and open Living Lab Infrastructures as a means to facilitate and promote research activities in the Health and Wellbeing domain in Europe and beyond. Transnational access to 17 Living Lab research infrastructures and remote digital access to datasets (Virtual Access) will be offered to external researchers from all disciplines through three open calls starting in 2022. External researchers will have the opportunity to conduct part of their study in rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday life activities or any other domain by visiting the VITALISE living labs. VITALISE enhances interaction between multidisciplinary researchers through Joint Research Activities, transnational physical and virtual Access.

Anthology Ventures role in the project is to boost commercialization potential of research conducted in Livings Labs, embedding a strategic business thinking approach right from start of the research design, along with equipping researchers with entrepreneurial skills and competences.

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